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Facilities management is simply the management of building services to ensure a business or homeowner can still continue working and living as normal. This is essentially a plan that is put together between Coulson Building Group and the client.

Whilst we deliver our objectives by completing the work we’ve been instructed to do, it’s important that our work doesn’t stop someone else’s daily activities or work schedule. It can be an incredibly stressful time for individuals when they are trying to focus on managing their environment as well as trying to carry out their usual duties.

These building services are essential as they offer functionality, comfort and safety and in many cases it is a legal requirement to maintain them to industry standards.

making safety a priority

It’s our main priority to keep everybody safe, including our team, during the time the work is being completed.

Coulson Building Group aim to offer a service in which all of our clients get exactly what they need at the best possible value. Whilst the end result is extremely important us, we also want our customers to have a pleasant experience with us during the entire process. Depending on the environment, the facility management services required can vary and we are able to assist in identifying not only the legal requirements but also good practice preventative maintenance tasks which can prevent costly failures.

Our management team remain in constant, real time communication with our maintenance operatives utilising the latest CRM software and mobile devices ensuring each maintenance task is perfectly coordinated and formally recorded, any certification is then sent to the client for retention.

If you have any questions regarding facilities management, please contact us for our help. For any existing projects, our team will make you aware of anything that may need to be included during the time of work.

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