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Coulson Building Groups expertise in Design & Build stretches back many years covering a wide range of customers and most types of buildings.

Our Design & Build service is built around delivering benefits to the clients that other procurement routes cannot always deliver:

  • Single point of responsibility provided by us from project’s start to finish.
  • Time saving benefits as the design can be developed at the same time as other aspects of the project are moving forward.
  • Greater control and influence on delivering added value in terms of project cost, time on site and the quality of the finished building.
  • Our designs are produced by skilled design teams who we appoint based on the experience of working with them successfully on previous projects or alternatively we can collaborate with in-house teams or incumbent architects in order to meet any set design and specification.
  • Management of preconstruction aspects of the project including planning matters and budgets.

Our Design & Build service is geared to satisfying customers by providing cost and time certainty with added value in terms of design quality.

We are currently developing BIM capability so that this can be used on all applicable projects in the future.

For further details please see our portfolio of project case studies or contact us on 01223 423800 or complete our online enquiry form:

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