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Coulson Building Group has over the last few years successfully recorded a great track record or a gained a valuable relationship with clients and therefore have often proceeded with a negotiated contract.

This procurement route eliminates a tender process and therefore offers savings in both time and tender costs. Coulson Building Groups early involvement produces a teamwork approach and allows us to more fully understand our clients needs and gain a valuable relationship . It also enables us to be part of the design development process, where our practical input into technical, programming, budgetary issues and supply chain procurement will pay dividends.”

We have found over the years that if the project is a complex project and the client is wanting a very high-quality job then tendering for the most competitive price is not usually the way forward. Getting a contractor into the job at an early stage can assist with complex issues such as buildability and logistics of a site of which in the long run will assist with the client’s budget and cost control along with the quality of the job.

Our negotiating procurement method has seen us involved in all types of a negotiated contract including Design and Build, JCT and NEC on an Open Book, Pain/Gain or Fixed Price basis.

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